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Cards for Causes

20% of the card price goes to the charity of the customer’s choice. Over $1M donated since 2006.

Greeting cards go hand in hand with holidays and birthdays. But charity and gift giving time don’t always fit in the same box. Cards for Causes wanted to make charity fit easily with ordering greeting cards because they had a vision that a strong business can make a difference in the community. When businesses give to charity, they often strengthen their financial outlook as well as network with charities and other businesses. What started out as a 20% of sales going to a handful of charities has grown to donations going to 600 charities.

Customers simply order a package of cards from Cards for Causes then select a charity of their choice to donate to. As the name suggests, Cards for Causes donates to many charities. To date, the company has donated over $1 million in charity donations. Does the concept work? The company has steady business and sales range from 25 to 25,000 cards per order. Giving to charity helps the customer feel good about making the world a better place and helps our employees feel they contribute value.


New Eyes for the Needy in Partnership with Marvel Optics

Most companies like to see where they are going because vision is important. Seeing is important and unfortunately some people have trouble affording basic glasses to help them see better. New Eyes for the Needy is changing that through giving vouchers to those who qualify so they can purchase new eyewear. Also associated, New Eyes accepts donations of used glasses that they sort and send to underprivileged people overseas. Since 2010 Marvel Optics has donated over 25,000 Eyeglasses to people in need. 

Helping New Eyes for the Needy allows business employees to donate both a portion of sales as well as time since the company is run mostly by volunteers. And our happy employees are productive employees. To date, 8.7 million people have been assisted by New Eyes since 1932. In 2016-17, 8090 people were able to get new glasses in the U.S. Currently, there are 321 volunteers helping the non-profit do the great work they do. Donating makes sense and makes a real difference.


Scholarship Programs

We run two Programs through Marvel Optics and Socks Rock donating $6000 per year in Scholarships to students all across US. We are passionate about quality education and access to education. We believe that passions and dreams should be pursued without the interference of financial means. This is why Socks Rock and Marvel optics has been awarding scholarships since 2015.

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